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You may think it strange in this day and age not to have an ordering system on a website, we think not.
We value your security, and when you deal with us in person you can be assured we will get it right.

It's easy to find us, We are at The Craft Village, 'Blooms Garden Centre' Wroughton, When you come into the gate turn right and follow the road up and right round the corner past 'The Pet Shed'.
Head for the far end and the main entrance to the Village is clearly marked.
walk down through the open air cafe 'Butterfly Cafe'  and our shop is the first one on the left as you enter the village. SATNAV= SN4 9QT and its just off Junc.16 of the M4

Or you can get in contact by phone (numbers Here) there is an answer phone, so leave your number and I'll ring you ASAP.

     Awards for a Local Bird Show
We use a process of printing where the surface of an object has been coated with a Polyester Substrate.  When this surface is heated under pressure colour is introduced to it in gas form.   As the object cools the colour bonds with it permenantly and is not easily damaged.  This process leaves a high resolution image that is clear and undectable to the touch.  Perfect for photographs, which makes them an ideal gift for special occasions, awards for events, and are  totally unique.  An example is the three awards we made for a local bird show.  Pictured below.  It can also be used on Wall Tiles, and many other house hold items, such as Cushion Covers and Pillow Cases, so home designers can achieve their perfect look
Craft Village & Butterfly World
Studley Grange just off M4 Junc 16
Tel: 01672 564 409
Mob: 07767 156 748
E-Mail: design@honeystreet-studio.co.uk
Bespoke Personalised Gifts
Awards we made for a local Bird Show and Link to Bird Show (Gallery Page)